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Ramblings from 64º North

"Only the mediocre are always at their best" - Jean Giraudoux

the LJ-er

Kissa, a 20 year old Norwegian University student. I love the U.S. almost above all else, and if my plans succeeds I'll be back there for college within the next two years. I am a bibliophile of the worst kind, reading anything and everything as long as it is in front of me, whether it is in a language I know or not. I am also addicted to buying new books - nothing's like the smell and feel of cracking open a new one. This is what makes being a student hard, as I'm no stranger to buying books in exchange for going hungry a couple of days. I'm the friendly sort and am always willing to give someone a chance. I'm naively suspicious. I'm the most prudish perv (or would it rather be a pervy prude?). In fact, I'm one big oxymoron.

And there you have it! That's kissas_fate. :)

on friending

Most of my journal that is related to my personal life is on a filter for people that I have really connected with and that I trust. However, I do lock other entries as well, so if you want to friend me feel free to do so. The only entries people who friend me won't get to see are those that make it in any way able to identify me. Sorry if you see this as rude, but I am way to vary of the internet not to take precautions.

I try to make most fandom-related or general posts public. So if you want to friend me, feel free to do so, but if you expect or want me to friend me back I need you to leave me a comment here. If someone friends me I prefer to know what made them do so, if only to calm down my paranoia a little. ;)

Before friending me you should also read my Friending Policy, and the short If you have chosen to friend me...-post I made. The latter is basically an introduction to what I'm all about.

the fandom

My fandoms, yes. The one I obsess over mainly keep up with now, and that I only discovered about a month and a half ago, is the TV-show Bones. Nowadays my spare time goes to re-watching episodes, watching excellent fanvideos, reading the best fanfiction I've ever come across, and generally drooling over David Boreanaz and discussing anything from Emily Deschanel's clothes to the amazing chemistry the two of them have.

Other fandoms, old and new, include:
Harry Potter -- I'm new to the fandom, though I've been a fan of the books for ten years. But I always lurked in the fandom after I found the websites in '05, and have only recently crawled out from under my rock, greatly thanks to MyLeaky.
Twilight -- my first ever fandom, so it needs to be included though I've only got half a toe still left in it. This was my introduction to fandoms and it's due to this that I made a lot of my very best friends online, for which I am very grateful.

the ships

I am a huge shipper, and I ship everything from people to birds to crackers. Give me two of something, add a piece of personality, and I am sure to ship it, heh.

Seeley Booth/Temperance Brennan, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy (my OTP), Merlin/Arthur Pendragon, Robin Hood/Marian, Rachel Morgan/Kisten Felps, Rachel Morgan/Trenton Kalamack, Gwen Cooper/Owen Harper, Cat/Bones, Sam/Ruby, Alec/Magnus, Jace/Clary, Jaz/Vayl, Edward Cullen/Bella Swan... and the list could go on forever!

links and credit

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Mine and cocoa_033's Twilight Fanfiction, here represented by our most popular story!

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