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Project 365; Day 8

Day 8 Getting stuck in snow

Managed to slide off the road today. Ugh. It was the first time something problematic happened to me while driving, and even though I've had my license since 2005 (getting my license in the States was awesome! ;) ), I've been actively driving since New Years Eve of 2006. That's three years without anything happening, so I guess I still have reason to be proud. But still... It's annoying! What's even worse is that my speed wasn't more than 10-15km/h (6-9mph), and to say I kept my eyes on the road would be an understatement.

...and it happened only 50 meters (54.5 yards) from our house and 15-20 meters (16-21 yards) from our driveway... *facedesk*

Off the road 3
Here's the back end of the car, and the closest house up there is ours. At least when I go off the road I do it close to home! LOL I'm a perfectionist, so of course I'd have to practice driving off the road too. ;)

Off the road 2
This is taken from our driveway. The car is the black thing a bit to the right of the middle of the picture. :P

I really tried to get up by myself, and a couple of times I was actually sure I'd make it! But of course, I was as stuck as can be. After a while my dad came and he'd brought a friend with a huge pick-up truck, and they were gonna try to get the car back on the road. Unfortunately the car was stuck in a tricky way, cus even if they managed to drag it 4-5 meters (13-16ft), it was still just as stuck. It ended with my dad having to take off to a meeting he was already a bit late to because of my little "accident", and the car was left standing there for a couple of hours more. When dad got home from work he finally got it pulled up, as he then had the time to find the hook in front of the car so they could pull it up that way instead. :)

And now two more pictures that show how far they managed to drag it the first time they tried -- I think it was 4-5 meters (13-16ft) backwards, and suddenly a lot more of the car than just the two wheels on the car's right side were off the road:

Off the road 3
The browninsh spot in the front is where I got stuck (goes for both pictures).
Off the road

So there you have it! Now I've experienced this too!
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