Kissa (kissas_fate) wrote,

Project 365; Day 6

Day 6 Øiegården

This is Øiegården, the house my grandparents own in the country side.I went there yesterday (as in January 6th) to check if the water had frozen in the pipes etc., and it looked so pretty I just had to take a picture of it. The house is about 200 years old, and it's been in the family all along. ("Øie" is the last name my family had when they settled there years and years ago, and "gården" means farm.) Oh yeah, and it's haunted! :)

Day 6 January 6th, -23.5 degrees Celsius

-23.5 degrees Celsius! Out here by the coast! Completely incredible. I just had to have picture proof of this, I can't ever remembering it being this could out here in my lifetime. And just before I took this picture it was -24.5 degrees Celsius, but of course, when I'd pulled over to the side of the road it was one degree warmer. But -23,5 isn't a joke either! My online converter tells me it's -10.3 degrees Fahrenheit!
Tags: picspam: project 365, winter

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