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Upcoming releases

This is a list I will be updating regularly concerning upcoming releases for movies, books, CD's and anything else that might be of interest to me. :) Feel free to ignore!

Striking through as I've gotten my hands on it!

Yet unbeknownst:
Tokio Hotel (cd)


??: Kelley Armstrong - "Frostbitten", Women of the Otherworld book 10

29: Kelley Armstrong - "Living With the Dead", Women of the Otherworld book 9, Mass Market.

25th: Patricia Briggs - "Hunting Ground", Aplpha & Omega book 2

1st: Rachel Vincent - "Prey", Shifters / Faythe Sanders book 4
17th(?): Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (movie)
??: Richelle Mead - "Blood Promise", Vampire Academy book 4
28th: Jeanine Frost - "An Early Grave", Night Huntress book 4

2nd: Laurell K. Hamilton - "Skin Trade", Anita Blake Vampire Hunter book 17. (Yes, I realize it's silly to still keep up with the series, but what can I say... I live in hope that it'll improve and go back to its former glory!)
2nd: Sarah Rees Brennan - "The Demon's Lexicon" (book) (Author's website) This is a debut, but I was deeply intrigued by the excerpt I read!
2nd: Rachel Caine - "Carpe Corpus", Morganville Vampires book 6.

5th: Charlaine Harris - "Dead and Gone", Sookie Stackhouse book 9
26th: Kim Harrison - "Once Dead, Twice Shy", Madison Avery book 1 (I liked the short story in Prom Nights from Hell, so I'm really intrigued by this book!)

7th: Karen Chance - "Curse the Dawn", Cassie Palmer book 4
21st: Melissa Marr - "Fragile Eternity", direct sequel to Wicked Lovely but book 3 in series

21st: Twilight 2-disc Special Edition DVD. Duh. (What I really want is this one though!) Edit as of June 2015: Nope nope nope, I am happy to say this is still not in my movie shelf, nor will it ever end up there!
31st: Ilona Andrews - Magic Strikes, Kate Daniels book 3

3rd: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "Lonely Road" (CD)
3rd: Patricia Briggs - "Bone Crossed", Mercy Thompson book 4
24th: Kim Harrison - "White Witch, Black Curse", The Hollows book 7
24th: Carrie Vaughn - "Kitty Raises Hell", Kitty Norville book 6/

6th: Rachel Caine - "Lord of Misrule", Morganville Vampires book 5
27th: Kelley Armstrong - "Men of the Otherworld" Women of the Otherworld "special" book. Eeeeeee!
27th: Carrie Vaughn - "Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand", Kitty Norville book 5


December '08:
5th: Tokio Hotel - "Caught on Camera" (dvd)
30th: Jeaniene Frost - "At Grave's End", Night Huntress book 3

November '08:
4th: Hinder - "Take it to the Limit" (CD)
4th: Laurell K. Hamilton - "Swallowing Darkness" (book) Edit June 15: Nope. I couldn't buy this. 1. The series had been moving in the "all sex, no plot"-direction for some time, and 2. ...the title.
13th: Richelle Mead - "Shadow Kiss", Vampire Academy book
21st: (US), February 13th (Norway): Twilight (movie)
25th: Kim Harrison - "The Outlaw Demon Wails" Mass Market, The Hollows book 6

??:Patricia Briggs - "Silver Borne", Mercy Thompson book 5

Estimated March: Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland!
November 19th: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I!!


July 15th: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II!!
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